Goodbye passwords. Hello apps!
About Ease.space

Today, we keep hearing a lot about web security. But in reality, not many companies are implementing the best practices, because security solutions are considered as complicated to implement and hard to use.

At Ease.space we provide a security solution to companies that helps them: access, share & control web accounts, while creating smart security habits inside the company workflow.

Our goal is to make that mission a reality for highly digitalized companies while keeping their productivity and collaboration at its very best.

To do so, we have developed:
* a dashboard that connects users to their web accounts automatically in one click (for example on Gmail, Trello, Pipedrive, Github etc). It works thanks to our browser extension that not only fills user'credentials but also clicks on all the necessary buttons.
* a collaborative interface for team members that enables to share accounts' accesses easily and securely (it works like Slack and it’s channels). Our automatic connection technology enables to give access to accounts without having to give the passwords themselves.

From the intern to the CEO, anybody in any company needs to use passwords. A user friendly and secured solution is missing on the market. We are building one. Come help us achieve this mission.

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We are looking for passionate people!

Right now there is 1 intern developer position available in our team. Please check out the section "Job" above :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

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